Research new models of technology and upgrade old ones!

Academies District-academy can be built in Cross Hill and in Wideport.

Cost to Build/Upgrade

Lvl Silver-icon Wood-icon Stone-icon Steel-icon Brick-icon Titanium-icon Crystal-icon Time-icon Speedup-icon
1 20,000 - - - 40 25 - 10:00:00 8 Gold-icon
2 5,000 150 150 120 - - - 03:00:00 2 Gold-icon
3 45,000 - - 500 50 - 35 10:00:00 8 Gold-icon
4 200 Gold-icon 24:00:00 -


Lvl Blueprints Time-icon
1 50 07:01:00
2 90 08:00:00
3 130 08:00:00
4 170 08:00:00


The Academy District-academy will grant access to the Tech Tree, which contains all the stages of modernization (Upgrades) for Locomotives Trains-icon, Steamboats Boats-icon and Airships Airships-icon, as well as New vehicle Models.

You’ll be able to conduct Research by spending Blueprints Blueprints there:

Info-icon Note - As depicted in the example Tree, Research of the 1st Upgrade Leafspring for the Puffing Billy must be complete in order to Unlock Research-unlock Research of the 2nd Upgrade Wheelpair and the Rocket Locomotive.

All Transport types have two kinds of Upgrades available to them: Necessary and Additory:

Necessary upgrades need to be researched gradually in order for new vehicle models to be Unlocked Research-unlock in the Tech Tree.


Additory upgrades will allow you to focus on certain characteristics of Transport. I.e., Speed Speed-icon or Reliability Reliability-icon, for a specific vehicle.

Info-icon Note - While you may have previously researched a particular Upgrade such as a Wheelpair Wheelpair for the Puffing Billy, you may be required to research Wheelpair Wheelpair for other Locomotives such as the Rocket as Research conducted is unique to each vehicle.