Dispatch Airships Airships-icon to distant lands to exchange Crystals Crystal-icon, Parts Parts, and fulfill Contracts for Experts Production-consultant-icon to make production optimally efficient.

The Airport District-air in Highcloud & your first Airship, the Leviathan , is unlocked at Level 9.

Name Level Craft Cargo
Leviathan 9 Wood-icon180 Spring3 Rope3 Crystal-icon Parts Leviathan
Cyclone 16 Crystal-icon30 Pump2 Longeron1 Production-consultant-icon Cyclone
Draco 10 Draco-framework 1 Draco-gondola 1
Draco-covering 1Draco-propeller 2
See Sky Conqueror
Crystal-icon Parts Production-consultant-icon Draco061516
Sky Whale  ? Purchase Only Crystal-icon Parts Production-consultant-icon Sky Whale airship