Atlantic locomotive

The Atlantic locomotive is an elegant and beautiful locomotive with a powerful engine. Its elegancy attracts people, thus increasing the odds of finding a manager, or valuable item upon completion of a contract. Level 7 is required to Craft the Atlantic.

Key features:

  • High reliability
  • Powerfull engine
  • Can pull up to two carriages of any type
  • Increased chance to find managers and engineers
  • After installing Vapor Dome upgrade, the locomotive is not count against depot limit


The Atlantic locomotive can be hitched to all carriage types.


No initial research is requited to obtain the locomotive. The following research options are possible:

Blueprints Time-icon Speedup-icon
Steam-chest 1,000 06:00:00 500 Blueprints
Horn 1,500 12:00:00 750 Blueprints
Vapor-dome 3,500 24:00:00 1750 Blueprints

Upgrade and Statistics

Craft/Upgrade Train-length-icon Capacity-icon Reliability-icon Speed-icon Chance-icon
- 2 80% 700 110% 25
Steam-chest 10 Crystal-icon 3 Valve 1 Pump 2 120% 700 110% 25
Horn 330 Titanium-icon 5 Piston3 Gearing 2 120% 700 110% 45
Vapor-dome 1 150 Crystal-icon 1 Armored-skin 1 Compound 2 120 700 110% 45

1 — requires no room in depot.


Atlantic locomotive can be purchased for 175 gold and is also the prize for the Daily Bonus on Day 60 (and if you go through the full 90 day bonus cycle, also on Day 150).

Maintenance & Dismantling

The Atlantic may fall into disrepair and require Maintenance; The frequency of Maintenance required is based upon its Reliability Reliability-icon. At the moment, maintenance cost is unknown.

Required Time-icon Speedup-icon

A locomotive may be Dismantled for random Parts: