Boxcars are Carriages Carriages-icon that can be attached to Locomotives Trains-icon to form Trains that Transport Stone Stone-icon, Goods Goods-icon & Clay Clay-icon to neighboring Cities.

During Special Events such as the Winter Adventure Gift-icon, they may also transport the following Special Resources: Paper Paper-icon, Glass Glass-icon, Paint Paint-icon & Fabric Fabric-icon.


The Capacity Train-length-icon & Efficiency Capacity-icon Ratings are approximations based upon in-game bar graphs for each while Maximum Reliability Reliability-icon will determine how often Repairs must be made.

Carriage Train-length-icon Capacity-icon Reliability-icon Craft
Boxcar 55 65 170 10 Wood-icon 3 Screw 2 Spring
Multi-Purpose Carriage 72 69 280 80 Wood-icon 3 Spring 2 Rope
Carriage-Dump Cart 90 72 150 Gold-icon

Locomotive Requirements

Certain Carriages Carriages-icon cannot be attached to some Locomotives Trains-icon:

Carriage Locomotive Restrictions
Boxcar Usable by all Locomotives Trains-icon.
Multi-Purpose Carriage Cannot be attached to the Puffing Billy, Mogul or Mallet Locomotives.
Carriage-Dump Cart Cannot be attached to the Puffing Billy.

Maintenance & Dismantling

Carriages may fall into disrepair and require Maintenance; The frequency of Maintenance required is based upon the Maximum Reliability Reliability-icon of the Carriage.

Carriage Parts Time-icon Speedup-icon
Boxcar 1 Screw 01:00:00 500 Silver-icon
Multi-Purpose Carriage 2 Spring 02:00:00 2,000 Silver-icon
Carriage-Dump Cart - - -

Carriages may be Dismantled for random Parts, instead:

Carriage Dismantle
Boxcar Nut Tack Screw Spring Cylinder
Multi-Purpose Carriage Nut Tack Screw Spring Cylinder


Carriage-Dump Cart LinkCogwheelRopePistonValveCrankshaftGearingChainPumpThermostat