Transport Cargo by Rail by choosing Routes, initiating Contracts, and attaching Carriages to Locomotives.

In order to transport specific Cargo, Carriages capable of transporting that Cargo are required.

By default, Trains will be assembled using the "Best" active Locomotives and appropriate Carriages that you own and are not currently in use.

You may, also, manually assemble Trains by pressing the Locomotive icon, selecting a Locomotive, then choosing appropriate Carriages to attach.

The Capacity & Efficiency ratings below are approximations based upon in-game bar graphs for each while Maximum Reliability Reliability-icon will determine how often Repairs must be made. Preventative Maintenance cannot be preformed on carriages and must break down to be repaired.

Small Carriages

Small carriages are the most basic carriages in the game and are available from the early start. They are cheap and require resources and basic parts to craft. On the other hand, their capacity and efficiency (price per unit of cargo) is low.

Cost Stats
Carriage Silver-icon Steel-icon Wood-icon
Available Cargo
Boxcar 500 2 10 1 1 170 Stone-icon Goods-icon Clay-icon
Small Open Boxcar 500 2 10 1 1 170 Coal-icon Iron-icon Sphene-icon Titanium-icon
Small Flatcar for Wood 500 2 10 1 1 170 Wood-icon

Note: There are no Small Carriages capable of transporting Passengers Passenger-icon or Silver Silver-icon.

Standard Carriages

Standard carriages are next level of small carriages and crafting require resources and excellent parts to craft. Standard carriages provide increased capacity, reliability and effectiveness (price per unit of cargo).

Cost Stats
Carriage Silver-icon Steel-icon Wood-icon Crystal-icon
Available Cargo
General Carriage 900 2 10 - 1 1 280 Passenger-icon
Special Carriage 9,900 120 - 5 1 1 280 Silver-icon
Multi-Purpose Carriage 990 19 80 - 1 2 280 Stone-icon Goods-icon Clay-icon
Open Boxcar 990 19 80 - 2 2 280 Coal-icon Iron-icon Sphene-icon Titanium-icon
Flatcar for Wood 990 19 80 - 2 2 280 Wood-icon

Premium Carriages

Premium carriages are from luxury carriage class. They have highest capacity and effectiveness (price per unit of cargo) and never break down (infinity reliability). However, they are expensive and can be purchased for gold only and their price starts from 100 of gold.

Cost Stats
Carriage Gold-icon
Available Cargo
Sleeping Car 180 2 2 Passenger-icon
Armored Special Carriage 120 2 2 Silver-icon
Carriage-Dump Cart 150 3 3 Stone-icon Goods-icon Clay-icon
Big Open Boxcar 150 3 3 Coal-icon Iron-icon Sphene-icon Titanium-icon
Large Flatcar for Wood 100 3 3 Wood-icon

Lucky Carriages


Buy three carriages: at least one of them will turn out to be from the Premium section.

Cost: 150 Gold-icon.

1/3-Off Sale on Lucky carriages usually occurs once a month; See Offer.

Limited Carriages

Christmas Carriage
A special carriage to transport Christmas Presents & Resources.
Coffee Freight Car
A special carriage to transport Coffee Beans and Bags of Coffee Beans.

Carriages by Cargo

Cargo Carriages
Passenger-icon Passenger carriages
Silver-icon Special carriages
Stone-icon Goods-icon Clay-icon Paper-icon Glass-icon Paint-icon Fabric-icon Boxcars
Coal-icon Iron-icon Steel-icon Sphene-icon Titanium-icon Tin-icon Open boxcars
Wood-icon Furring-icon Flatcars
Candy-icon Toy-soldiers-icon Christmas-ornament-icon Snow-globe-icon Gift-icon Christmas Carriage
Coffee bean Bag-of-coffee-beans Coffee Freight Car