...Lynn’s father went missing, and his fate remains unknown — at least, for now. As the story unfolds, you will find more and more facts that will help you solve the puzzle and uncover the secret of his disappearance.
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Lynn Skytell

Lynn-av Lynn is a Mechanic who, along with her brother, Jam, strives to return the Skytell Company to its former Transport Glory while, also, searching for clues to her Father's mysterious disappearance.
  • She also sponsors one of the in-game Competions which takes place in Cross Hill, one of the Starter Cities.
  • Trivia: Early concepts for Lynn included her being half Machine, or even fully mechanical.

It's important to believe in people, Kirk. I'll show you my belief is justified.
Lynn Skytell

Jam Skytell

Jam-av Jam is the brother of Lynn Skytell and helps her run the Skytell Company. Jam loves Airships Airships-icon and is intrigued by Sieva's knowledge in them.
I always used to like spontaneous decisions, but I've learnt that poking your nose into a new city without the necessary preparation is more trouble that it's worth.
Jam Skytell
Riverside unlock

Robb Stone

Robb-av Uncle Robb offers advice toward the building of an Empire.

Associations: Giantfort

The main part of a business is not trains, parts or rails - it's people.
Robb Stone


Sieva-av Sieva is an Airship Airships-icon Pilot and member of the far-away Tehine Tribe who designed the Draco Airship which can be acquired through participation in the Sky Conqueror Special Event.


Watt-av While Watt does not (yet?) appear in-game, he has made many appearances on the Official Transport Empire Facebook Page.

Sawyer Everett

Sawyer-av Sawyer has a particular interest in Machines Trains-icon and the Technology Blueprints behind them. He lends his knowledge to Lynn, aiding in her Transport pursuits.

Associations: Craftville.'s easier to do ten impossible Locomotive Upgrades than predict Mila Fox's reaction.
Sawyer Everett
"I'll never understand women"

George Moyle

George-av As Uncle Robb explains, Moyle's "the one that ruined the Skytell transport business – Lynn's father's main nemesis"

Kent Vale

Kent-av Kent is a another rival of the Skytell Company, and not the most ethical of the bunch.
Do you know what your weakness is? You're too honest in the way you run a business!
Kent Vale

Kirk Dust

Long-time rival of the Skytell Company, Kirk's prowess at all-things-Transport is second only to his Arrogance.

Derek Torne

Derek Associations: Windhold
There's no place in business for wimps!
Derek Torn

Cena Snill

Cena-av Associations: Lastville

Hannah Lucas

Associations: Coffee Rush
Distraction is an excellent strategy when combined with intelligence.
Hannah Lucas
"Business Tactics"

Mila Fox


Mead Cross

Mead-av Old Mead has sailed the waterways of Storewell for years; He holds vast knowledge in Steamships Boats-icon, as a result. Mead can be found during a number of Quests and Tasks in addition to water-borne Events & Encounters Event-icon.

I respect anyone who seizes life with both hands and does real work.
Mead Cross

Freya Frost

Freya-av Associations: Winter_Adventure

The Captain

Captain-av The Captain can be found on-board Boats-icon and involved in many of the Encounters Event-icon, there.
Sailors have found a way to make colored smoked, and now they're wasting valuable coal Coal-icon for kids' amusement. I wish they would do something useful instead!
The Captain
"Technicolor Smoke"

The Driver


Douglas Icks

Douglas-av Absent-minded, but generous Scientist; He will direct you to many early-game Quests.

Associations: Shinestad.

My name is Douglas, but that's not important... What's important is that you can help me with samples for geological studies.
Douglas Icks
"Forgotten Glasses"


Task-icon Original Artwork available on the Artist's Character Gallery

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