The Christmas Carriage is unique Carriage required during the Winter Adventure to transport Candy, Toy Soldiers, Christmas Ornaments, Snow Globes & Gifts to facilities and workshops.


The Capacity & Efficiency ratings are approximations based upon in-game bar graphs for each while Maximum Reliability Reliability-icon will determine how often Repairs must be made. Preventative Maintenance may be performed prior to breakdown to Restore a Carriage's current Reliability (which is reduced through normal usage in fulfilling Contracts), up to its Maximum.

Train-length-icon Capacity-icon Reliability-icon Craft
55 65 180 20 Wood-icon 2 Nut 2 Spring

Locomotive Requirements

Usable by all Locomotives.

Maintenance & Dismantling

Carriages may fall into disrepair and require Maintenance or be Dismantled for Parts, instead.

The frequency of Maintenance required is based upon the Reliability of the carriage.

Maintenance Time SpeedUp Dismantle
1 Tack 01:00:00 500 Silver-icon Nut Tack Screw Spring Cylinder