Competitions Window

The residents of Storewell want to see if you have what it takes to be a Transport Tycoon; They've challenged you to Resource-gathering Competitions!

Competitions are special missions that pit your resource-gathering skills against one of the Characters in the game.

Lynn-av Robb-av Kirk-av Mead-av George-av Jam-av

Each scenario takes place on a custom version of the main Storewell map, centered on one of Storewell's Cities. But, the resource nodes around the City are different, custom to each Competition.


Each Competition requires an entry fee of Resources. If you succeed in beating your opponent, you'll receive Experience Xp-icon, Reputation Rep-icon in a specific City, and a small pack of Resources. You might also receive a Star Stars-icon! A Star is received the first time you win a particular Competition, and again after your third and sixth wins of that Competition; Steps are slightly steeper vs Moyle. But, with each Star received, the difficulty level increases!

Each Competition scenario uses its own set of resources; you won't be pulling from your Warehouses on the main map. You will also find unique resources such as Furring Furring-icon and locations such as Small Foundries to Exchange Silver Silver-icon for Steel Steel-icon (instead of Factories Factory-icon requiring Ore Iron-icon).

You will use your own transport vehicles, though, so make sure you have several available before starting a Competition.

Each also has a set of Encounters that are unique to Competitions; you'll have to learn which ones are worth trying and which ones aren't. Attempts to achieve the first Stars-icon for each competition seem to offer "no lose" encounters that can guarantee success while encounters such as High and Dry during follow-up competitions may leave you just that.

You can switch back and forth between the Competition Map Competitions-icon and the main Storewell Map Map-icon at any time; your contracts will continue to execute while you're on the other.

Lynn Skytell

I propose a contest to see who can produce the most stone in the time allocated. If you want to win, you had better hurry up! Ready? Let's Go!
City: Cross Hill
Cost: 25 Coal-icon, 40 Wood-icon, 10 Steel-icon
Goal: Produce more Stone-icon than Lynn in 15 minutes.
Reward: 250 Rep-icon in Cross Hill, 800 Xp-icon, 40 Stone-icon

Robb Stone

Collect enough goods to sell. Hurry: if you manage to stockpile 500 packs of goods faster, you'll get a hefty fortune and then some!
City: Coldport
Cost: 75 Coal-icon, 50 Wood-icon
Goal: Produce 500 Goods-icon more quickly than Uncle Robb.
Reward: 200 Rep-icon in Coldport, 850 Xp-icon, 50 Goods-icon
Encounter Cost Reward Lose
A Square Island 10 Coal-icon 10 Goods-icon
Cooperation 10 Wood-icon 50 Coal-icon
Forgotten Dock 10 Goods-icon 20 Goods-icon 70 Silver-icon
High and Dry 10 Coal-icon 200 Coal-icon 100 Coal-icon
Loose Carriage 5 Coal-icon 5 Goods-icon
Need Some Wood? 300 Silver-icon Wood-icon 5 Wood-icon
Sidetracked 200 Silver-icon 20 Coal-icon
Tacked On 5 Coal-icon 10 Coal-icon 5 Coal-icon
Way Station 5 Goods-icon 10 Goods-icon 50 Silver-icon

Kirk Dust

Prove that your business success is not occasional! Collect 200 items of steel faster than me and you'll be worthy putting faith in.
City: Highcloud
Cost: 60 Coal-icon, 50 Wood-icon, 25 Steel-icon
Goal: Produce 200 Steel-icon more quickly than Kirk.
Reward: 200 Rep-icon in Highcloud , 900 Xp-icon, 30 Steel-icon

Mead Cross

Sure you can handle old Mead? Let's see which of us produces more paper in 40 minutes? Your youthful passion against my life experience!
City: Greenport
Cost: 100 Coal-icon, 25 Wood-icon, 20 Steel-icon
Goal: Produce more paper Paper-icon than Mead in 40 minutes.
Reward: 200 Rep-icon in Greenport, 900 Xp-icon, 120 Wood-icon

George Moyle

Aren't you scared of getting your butt handed to you? Go on, upstart, challenge me - I will squash you like a bug!
City: Fineville
Cost: 100 Coal-icon, 40 Wood-icon, 10 Steel-icon
Goal: Produce more Furring Furring-icon than Moyle in 30 minutes.
Reward: 150 Rep-icon in Fineville , 800 Xp-icon, 120 Wood-icon

Jam Skytell

All work and no play makes life pretty dull. Let's have a competition to raise our spirits and get ourselves going!
City: Riverside
Cost: 150 Coal-icon, 50 Steel-icon
Goal: Produce more ??? than Jam in one hour.
Reward: 200 Rep-icon in Riverside, 1,200 Xp-icon, ???
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