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Content-alert Adding this Icon Template {{Content Alert}} will direct contributors to Articles or Data that need attention. Selecting this icon will direct you to Articles/Sections that require Data Input or Review.

  • Please remove the {{Content Alert}} from the Article once Review is complete & {{Confirm}} where appropriate.


Please use the following Icon Templates where appropriate:

  • In general, any New Icon Templates created should be 32px in Size, include appropriate Link and Hover Text, and Categorized, when possible.


Arrow up
Task-icon GoUp : {{GoUp}}
  • Image links to "#Top" of Page - Helps Navigate longer articles.
    • Automatically right-Aligns

Task-icon Quote : {{Quote|Text|Author}}

Quote is automatically center-Aligned
  • Template is a Table - Not intended for use inside another Table.

Task-icon Quote1 : {{Quote1|Text}}

Same as above, without Author requirement

Task-icon Scroll box : {{Scroll box |width=|height=|content=}}

width and height parameters optional; content= must precede actual content. Accepts Wikitext and can be placed inside a Table (as in this example}.

Task-icon Alert : {{Alert|Message}}

Alert-icon Note! - Can be placed in-line, in Tables, and accepts Wikitext.

Task-icon Confirm : {{Confirm|Date}}

Task-icon Data Confirmed on 01/02/17