Control Center

Here you can collect profit from completed Contracts and initiate new ones, if necessary. Manage all your deals on the map, and in Cities, from one District!

The Control Center District-control-center in Greenport becomes available for construction at Level 10.

Cost to Build
Silver-icon Steel-icon Wood-icon Crystal-icon Time-icon Speedup-icon
10,000 200 400 15 6:00:00 8 Gold-icon
  • There are currently no Upgrades available for this District.

Managing Contracts

Manage all Active Contracts by choosing the Control Center building in Greenport, or by simply selecting the Contracts icon Contracts-icon located at the lower right of the screen:



Contracts undertaken by Trains Trains-icon, Steamships Boats-icon & Airships Airships-icon can be managed by selecting the Machines category on the left:


Here, Contracts for Resources and Passengers Passenger-icon can be Sped up Speedup-icon or Collected & Restarted upon completion.

If a Contract cannot be restarted due to Transport in need of Repair, a depleted Mine, or otherwise, the Restart option will be grayed out as depicted above. Selecting it will give indication of the issue preventing the Contract from being restarted.

Similarly, the Collect option may be grayed out indicating the Warehouse District-storage is at capacity. Selecting it will give the option to Sell surplus resources to complete the Contract and Restart it.


Districts such as Factories, Craftshops, Academies & Shopping Arcades can be managed from the Quarters category. Taxes Silver-icon from each City can be collected from here, as well:


Objects on the Map

Passive Income & Resource Exchange locations throughout the map are managed from the Objects on the Map category:


Upon Collection, respective timers Time-icon will be Reset for Passive Income locations while Exchanges can be Restarted, if desired.

Note the Alert-icon Icon indicating that at least one Contract is complete and ready to collect in each of the 3 Categories and that each Category can be sorted by Resource type or by Time remaining on the contract using the tabs on the top of the panel while the option to Collect everything for 1 Gold-icon lies at the bottom.

Collect Everything

When choosing the option to Collect everything, you will be prompted to manually retrieve all Parts Parts from any Craftshop District-craftshop & Airship District-air contracts or Passive Income Objects.

Any Surplus Resources generated will offer the option to Sell or Skip them individually, or to Sell All surplus at once.