The Cyclone airship fulfills contracts for Experts Production-consultant-icon to upgrade resource buildings to level 5.

Flight time and Resources required to fulfill contracts will vary and do increase as you progress through the game. Upgrades can reduce both requirements; see Speed & Efficiency below:

In order to Research and Craft the Cyclone, you must have completed Research on the Heat Controller Heat-controller (2nd Upgrade) for the Leviathan Airship.


Blueprints Time-icon Speedup-icon
Crafting-icon 1,500 12:00:00 400 Blueprints
Upgraded-gondola 1,200 12:00:00 600 Blueprints
Heat-exchanger 1,200 12:00:00 600 Blueprints
Heat-controller 2,000 24:00:00 1,000 Blueprints
Turbine-engine 2,000 24:00:00 1,000 Blueprints


Capacity: 1 Expert

Max Reliability: 300 (380 with Level 2 Upgrade)


Cyclone info
Crafting-icon 30 Crystal-icon 2 Pump 1 Longeron
Upgraded-gondola 20 Crystal-icon 3 Chain 1 Chainwheel 1 Longeron
Heat-exchanger 1 Thermostat 2 Reducer 3 Superheater
Heat-controller 3 Chainwheel 2 Reducer 1 Buffer
Turbine-engine 100 Crystal-icon 3 Turbine 1 Propeller-engine 1 Armored-skin
Once all possible Upgrades have been installed, you will receive the following for its Perfection:
1,500 Xp-icon 1 Outstanding-parts 25 Crystal-icon


The Cyclone may fall into disrepair and require Maintenance. The frequency of Maintenance required is based upon the Reliability of the Airship.

Parts Required Time-icon Speedup-icon


The Cyclone may be Dismantled and you will receive a set of random Parts from the list below.

Upgrade Parts
Base LinkCogwheelRopePistonValve CrankshaftGearingChainPumpThermostat
Max LongeronSuperheaterReducerTurbineChainwheel Armored-skinBufferPropeller-engineCompoundCrank-gear

Notable Quests & Tasks

Task-icon Research the technology to install Heat Controllers Heat-controller on Cyclone airships.

Task-icon Install a Heat Controller Heat-controller on a Cyclone.

Task-icon Research the technology to install Turbine Engine Turbine-engine on Cyclone airships.