Lowerport is a City east of Fineville which becomes available at Level 17 and is located east to Darkville.

The City

Lowerport begins with a pre-built Administration and Train Station buildings and two buildable District available. One of the buildable district is Port. Unlike previous cities (Coldport, Greenport and Riverside), the Port is not prebuilt, you have to build it manually. Port construction costs:

Build Speed Up
Silver-icon Stone-icon Steel-icon Wood-icon Time-icon Gold-icon
100 140 80 150 03:00:00 2

City unlock


Expansion dialogue for Lowerport.

In order to open the city the following requirements must be met:

440 Coal-icon
240 Steel-icon
Administration level in Riverside: 4

City opening price: 800 000 Silver-icon or 170 Gold-icon


The city immediately has an access to the following active resources:

Active Resources
Lumber mill3
Farm by land
Farmstead by water

1 — Requires bridge construction.

  • 250 Wood-icon 150 Steel-icon 50 Brick-icon 45,000 Silver-icon
    24:00:00 Time-icon Speedup-icon 5 Gold-icon

2dual city resource with Riverside.

3dual city resource with Darkville.

There are no passive resources, nor resource exchange buildings.

There can be built a passenger routes to Darkville and to Riverside (by water).

Special Building

There are no special buildings.


There is one adjacent location at north-west to the city (which is avilable at level 16).


  • Build a coalmine near Lowerport
  • Build a route from Lowerport to the coalmine (Bridge construction)
  • Complete an urgent contract to transport coal to Lowerport
  • Build a factory in Lowerport
  • Upgrade the factory in Lowerport to level 2
  • Complete a rapid contract to process ore in Lowerport
  • Build a farm near Lowerport
  • Build Shopping Arcades in Lowerport