Mallet locomotive

"Engineers call this locomotive the draft horse of rail transport. It might not be the prettiest toy in the box, but it's definitely dependable; it can pull three maximum-weight carriages and never sputter".

This is a "special offer" train which can only be obtained through a promotional sale (and only for cash).

Key features:

  • Can pull up to three carriages
  • Is more efficient than Decapod locomotive

After installing 2nd upgrade (Suspension), the locomotive will get an infinity reliability (i.e. never require repairs). Even though, the locomotive has decent characteristics, it is limited in supported carriage types and counts against depot capacity.


Like the Mogul, the Mallet locomotive can only be hitched to Small and Premium class Carriages.

It cannot pull Standard class Carriages like the Open Boxcar, Multi-Murpose Carriage and Flatcar for Wood. In addition, it cannot pull Special Carraiges required to Transport Silver Silver-icon.

Research & Upgrade

Since the locomotive can be purchased only via special offer, it doesn't require initial research:

Blueprints Time-icon Speedup-icon
Headlight 550 Blueprints
Suspension 1,500 12:00:00 750 Blueprints
Steam-chest 2,000 Content-alert Blueprints

By installing a suspension, the locomotive will no longer require repairs and will never break down.

A fully upgraded Mallet locomotive is certainly better than Decapod due to better Efficiency.

Upgrade and Statistics

The # of Carts, Efficiency, Reliability, Speed & Chance to obtain items ratings are approximations based upon the in-game bar graphs for each.

Craft/Upgrade Train-length-icon Capacity-icon Reliability-icon Speed-icon Chance-icon
Cash 3 110% 700 100% 10%
Headlight 3 Tack 5 Piston 2 Gearing 3 110% 700 100% 33%
Suspension 400 Titanium-icon 5 Crankshaft 1 Buffer 3 110% 100% 33%
Steam-chest 70Crystal-icon 1Superheater 1Compound 3 150% 100% 33%



A locomotive is available via special offer only. Actual price may vary. There is no way to purchase it for in-game gold. Latest cost (approx): $5.99 USD/EUR - Nov 2016.

Maintenance & Dismantling

The locomotive may fall into disrepair and require Maintenance; The frequency of Maintenance required is based upon its Reliability Reliability-icon. Repair costs are unknown, but is believed to be quite high.

A Mallet may be Dismantled for random Parts: