Transport Passengers Passenger-icon to neighboring cities and earn money!

Routes must be built between neighboring Cities that each contain Residential Districts in order to transport Passengers between them (see Connections below).

Each City must have an available Residential District in order to initiate Contracts, earning Silver Silver-icon upon completion.

Cost to Build/Upgrade

Lvl Wood-icon Stone-icon Steel-icon Crystal-icon Silver-icon Time-icon Speedup-icon
1 10 11 8 - 100 00:15:00 200 Silver-icon
2 22 24 16 - 500 01:00:00 500 Silver-icon
3 24 36 24 - 1,000 06:00:00 5 Gold-icon
4 60 56 40 4 2,000 08:00:00 10 Gold-icon

Passenger Transportation (by Rail)

Transport Passengers by Rail using Passenger carriages.

Routes by Rail can be Upgraded to increase Speed; Time and cost to Build and Upgrade routes will vary.

2 10%
3 30%

Passenger Transportation (by Water)

Transport Passengers by Water using the following Boats:

Boat Capacity
Fulton Passenger Steamship 1 (100%)
Skibladner Passenger Steamship 2 (150%)
Stevens Passenger Turbine Steamer 3 (200%)

Cost to Build Routes will vary; Routes by Water cannot be Upgraded.


From (#) To Type
Coldport (3) Cross Hill Rail
Darkville Rail
Greenport Water
Craftville (3) Fineville Rail
Giantfort Rail
Lastville Rail
Cross Hill (2) Coldport Rail
Highcloud Rail
Darkville (3) Coldport Rail
Highcloud Rail
Lowerport Rail
Fineville (3) Craftville Rail
Greenport Rail
Lastville Rail
Giantfort (2) Craftville Rail
Windhold Rail
Greenport (3) Coldport Water
Fineville Rail
Riverside Water
Highcloud (2) Cross Hill Rail
Darkville Rail
Lastville (3) Craftville Rail
Fineville Rail
Shinestad Rail
Lowerport (2) Darkville Rail
Wideport Water
Riverside (2) Greenport Water
Wideport Water
Shinestad (2) Lastville Rail
Sweethold Rail
Sweethold (3) Shinestad Rail
Wideport Water
Windhold Rail
Wideport (3) Lowerport Water
Riverside Water
Sweethold Water
Windhold (2) Giantfort Rail
Sweethold Rail