Ridding offer

The sale offer for the Ridding

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The Ridding locomotive is an "offer" only train, there is no way to purchase it except via the occasional special offer. You will receive one for free on your 90th day of play.

The Ridding is 25% faster than base engines (vs the Ashford's 10%), and breaks down less often. The speed boost isn't generally worth the money.



Rating: 4/5

Train length: 2/5

Reliability: 5/5


200 Gold (only available via special offer).


The Ridding locomotive can be hitched to all carriage types.


Level Research Time-icon Speedup-icon Cost Benefit
1 - Horn 500 Blueprints 6:00:00 250 Blueprints 270 Titanium-icon 5 Valve 3 Pump Better to obtain items
2 - Suspension 1500 Blueprints 12:00:00 750 Blueprints 4 Link 3 Crankshaft 1 Reducer Never breaks down
3 - Efficient Burner 2000 Blueprints 24:00:00 1000 Blueprints 20 Crystal-icon 1 Crank-gear 1 Compound Better efficiency (60)
Once all possible Upgrades have been installed, you will receive the following for its Perfection:
2,500 Xp-icon 5 Kit-of-parts-icon 20 Crystal-icon

Maintenance & Dismantling

Maintenance-worker Preventative Maintenance may be applied through Parts Restoration in order to prevent it from breaking down where it would require full Repair.

A Maintenance Worker may also be hired for 3 Gold-icon to apply Maintenance automatically using the most-basic Parts available in Storage.

Required Time-icon Speedup-icon

A Ridding may be Dismantled for random Parts: