Routes must be built from Mines to Cities in order to initiate Contracts to Transport Resources. The same is required to Transport Passengers Passenger-icon between 2 Cities with Residential Districts District-residential in each.

Some Routes require Tunneling through Mountains or Construction of Bridges which can be costly; construction of such structures must be completed prior to construction of the Route itself.

Alert-icon Note: A Mine or City may serve a City in a Territory which you have yet to Unlock. Routes to Cities not yet available will be also be unavailable for construction.

Once construction of a Mine has been completed, the option to Build the Route (or Routes) will present itself above the Mine. Select the Route to begin Building.

Costs to Build Routes will vary.

Routes on Land may be Upgraded which will decrease Contracts Times Time-icon, as follows:

  • Upgrade to Route Level 2 will decrease Contract Time by 10%.
  • Upgrade to Route Level 3 will decrease Contract Time by 30% and requires Gold Gold-icon to construct.
  • Contract Times may be further affected by a Locomotive's Speed Rating Speed-icon.
To Upgrade a Route, select the Roads and Routes Icon Route-icon from the lower-right of the Screen. Once pressed, all Routes that can be Upgraded will display the Upgrade Route Icon overhead. Select the Route to be Upgraded to display Cost and Time Time-icon requirements and the option to proceed with the Upgrade.
Info-icon Note - Routes that are currently in use cannot be Upgraded.

Routes by Water cannot be Upgraded; Contract Duration is affected only by a Ship’s Speed Rating Speed-icon.

When a Mine is Exhausted and rebuilt nearby, the Route must also be built anew.

  • Rebuilding already-Upgraded Routes will retain their level of Upgrade but will Cost more than those not Upgraded (including Gold-icon for Level 3 Routes).
  • Rebuilding Routes involving Tunnels or Bridges will not require Re-Construction of the structure.

Route Selection

Arrow up

Some Mines may Serve 2 Cities at once:

Initiating Contracts from Dual-Access Mines may require selection of the Route or Destination as illustrated (left) where this Lumber mill serves both Cross Hill to the Northwest and Coldport, East (with respective Route Levels depicted).

Route Selection may similarly be required for Passenger Contracts Passenger-icon when Cities have established Routes between more than one other.