Fb-icon The Shunting Station is currently a Facebook-only District designed to "help new tycoons automate hitching, unloading, and passenger boarding" Trains-icon and becomes available for construction in Coldport at Level 6.

Why waste our energy coupling carriages or unloading freight after finishing contracts? The Shunting Station will save us a lot of time!
Robb Stone
"Shunting Area"
Cost to Build
Silver-icon Wood-icon Stone-icon Steel-icon Time-icon Speedup-icon
2,500 40 35 10 2:00:00 2 Gold-icon
There are no Upgrades available for this District.


Until construction is complete, you must "manually" Unload contents to collect revenue generated from completion of Transport Contracts Trains-icon by selecting the destination from within the Map and then then selecting the Cargo.

Once built, Revenue will Automatically be Collected without any further interaction from the Player (though it will not offer the option to Restart the Contract as the Control Center District-control-center does).

Quests & Tasks

Info-icon Shunting Area - "Build a Shunting Station in Coldport"

  • FB only, triggers at Level 6.