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Sawyer Everett

Sweethold is a City east to Craftville which becomes available at Level 25 and is located south to Shinestad.

The City

Sweethold begins with pre-built Administration and Train Station buildings and two buildable District. One of the buildable district is Port. Like in Lowerport, the Port is not prebuilt, you have to build it manually. Port construction costs:

Build Speed Up
Silver-icon Stone-icon Steel-icon Wood-icon Time-icon Gold-icon
100 140 80 150 03:00:00 2

City unlock

Sweethold expansion

In order to open the city the following requirements must be met:

550 Coal-icon
340 Steel-icon
140 Titanium-icon
34 Trains-icon
Administration level in Craftville: 4

City opening price: 5,500,000 Silver-icon or 280 Gold-icon


The city immediately has an access to the following active and passive resources:

Active Resources Passive Resources
Titanium by water Crystal-icon Mysterious Islet
Silver mine 1

1 — Resource for Craftville only and requires tunnel construction.

After adjacent territory opening (South), the following resources will become available:

Active Resources
Ore mine by water
Quarry by water
Lumber mill

There can be built passenger routes to Windhold and Shinestad by land, and Wideport by water.


There is one adjacent territory. C6 which is south of the city (which is avilable at level ??).