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There are three methods of Transportation in Transport Empire:

A Train consists of a Locomotive and one or more Carriages Carriages-icon

Trains and Steamships transport Resources from Mines to Cities, or Passengers Passenger-icon between them.

Airships voyage to distant lands to Exchange Resources for Crystals Crystal-icon, Experts Production-consultant-icon or Parts Parts.

All Transport Machines & Carriages can be Classified, as follows:

  • Starter-class are those readily available at the start of the game or soon after.
  • Standard-class are considered a substantial improvement over Starter-class vehicles and ones that you will find yourself using the majority of the time.
  • Premium-class are those that require Gold Gold-icon to acquire and include some of the Fastest, highest-Capacity and most-Reliable Transports in the game.

In additional, some Transports are only available through time-limited Special Offers and must be Purchased for actual currency, while others can only be acquired through one of the few, recurring Special Events.


The number of Active Transports is limited by respective Depots which can be Upgraded to Store more:

Many Premium-class Transports Require No Room in respective Depots and do not affect the number of Active Transports available for use. A few Standard-class Transports can be Upgraded to the same status, as well.

All others are in Reserve and Unavailable for use until they are returned to Active Service, or Dismantled for Parts.


Most Transports require Research Blueprints before they can be Crafted Crafting-icon. Further Research on each can be conducted to improve Ratings such as Speed Speed-icon & Maximum Reliability Reliability-icon, or to Unlock Research-unlock subsequent Transport Machines.


Upgrade-yes Upgrade-yes Upgrade-no While not every Machine can be Upgraded, most can be Researched and installed with special Upgrade Parts to improve Ratings or Require No Room in the Depot. The Number of possible Upgrades for each Transport will vary.


Once all possible Upgrades have been applied to an individual Transport, you will receive a Reward for its Perfection. To accept the reward, select its MaxUp Max-up-medal Icon; Each reward is specific to the vehicle type.


While there are some Transports that either have, or can be Upgraded to, Inifite ∞ Reliability, most require Preventative Maintenance to keep them available for use where the frequency of maintenance required is, otherwise, based upon its Maximum Reliability Reliability-icon Rating.

This can be applied manually through Parts Restoration, or a Maintenance Worker may be hired for Gold Gold-icon to automatically apply regular, Preventative Maintenance to a specific machine using the most-basic Parts available. The worker may be put to work, or on break, at any time.

Where Reliability is not maintained, equipment will break down and be moved to Storage Reserve awaiting proper Repairs which are unique to each.

Info-icon Note! - To view Ratings & other Details, or apply Upgrades or Maintenance to each Transport in your fleet, select its Info Icon Info-icon