Wideport is a City south-east to Riverside which becomes available at Level 19 and is located west to Giantfort.

The City

Wideport begins with pre-built Administration and Train Station buildings and two buildable District. One of the buildable district is Port. Like in Lowerport, the Port is not prebuilt, you have to build it manually. Port construction costs:

Build Speed Up
Silver-icon Stone-icon Steel-icon Wood-icon Time-icon Gold-icon
100 140 80 150 03:00:00 2

City unlock


Expansion dialogue for Wideport.

In order to open the city the following requirements must be met:

460 Coal-icon
260 Steel-icon
20 Trains-icon
Administration level in Lowerport: 4

City opening price: 1,500 000 Silver-icon or 200 Gold-icon


The city immediately has an access to the following active and passive resources:

Active Resources Passive Resources
Coal by water
Ore mine
Ore by water1
Stone by water2

1dual city resource with Lowerport.

2dual city resource with Riverside

There can be built passenger routes to Lowerport and to Riverside and Sweethold  (all by water).

Special Building

There is a special spot to build Academy. Academy construction cost:

Build Speed Up
Silver-icon Brick-icon Titanium-icon Time-icon Gold-icon
20,000 40 25 10:00:00 8


There is one adjacent location north to the city (which is avilable at level 20).


  • Build a Residential District in Wideport
  • Upgrade Wideport's city administration to level 4
  • Build a Factory in Wideport
  • Upgrade Wideport's city administration to level 5
  • Upgrade Wideport's city administration to level 6
  • Upgrade the port in Wideport to level 3
  • Complete a contract to produce 5 sets of parts (craftshop level 3) in Wideport